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Bullseye Pistol League happens in summer - stay tuned for information regarding the 2023 league!

Practice/Orientation Nights: TBD  Required if new to Bullseye.

League Nights: Weekly, 6:00pm  Dates TBD

Cost: $25


If you're looking for a fun way to practice your pistol skills or try something new, this is the league for you!  You don't have to be experienced in a Pistol League to participate.


2022 Detailed Information: CLICK HERE

Quick Info:  You can shoot .22 or Centerfire categories (or both!).   When you are at the line, you will shoot a total of 30 rounds, divided up into three segments: 

1. Slow fire – You have 10 full minutes to shoot 10 rounds.
2. Timed fire – You have 20 seconds to shoot 5 rounds, pause for reload, then 20 seconds for your next 5.
3. Rapid fire –  You have 10 seconds to shoot 5 rounds, pause for reload, then 10 seconds for your next 5.

You shoot from 50 feet, and a perfect score is 300. 


You can also check out the BULLSEYE HANDBOOK.


Bullseye Pistol League takes place once-a-week, for 10 weeks.  Typically starting in June and ending in August. There will be an informational orientation before the league starts, as well as a practice night. Keep an eye out for signup information to be posted online and at the clubhouse.


Questions?  Email: Wayne Wollenburg


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