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Club Rules and Safety

  • Know and obey all range safety rules

  • Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

  • Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

  • Know your target and what is beyond.

  • Be sure the gun is safe to operate.

  • Know how to use the gun safely.

  • Use only the correct ammunition for your gun.

  • Wearing eye and ear protection is required.

  • Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting.

  • Always point the gun in a safe direction.

  • Be aware of others and be prepared to react to any happenstance out of the ordinary.

  • Shoot only at authorized targets.

  • Open, unload, and rack all firearms during ceasefires.

  • Do not handle firearms or stand at the firing line when others are downrange.

  • Eating or drinking while on the firing line is prohibited.

  • Only those firearms authorized on a given range facility are allowed.

  • All firing must be done from designated firing lines or positions.

  • Be aware that circumstances may require additional rules unique to a particular situation, or shooting range.

  • During your use of "our" shooting ranges, all shooters should police each other to keep the ranges safe, tidy and fully operational.

  • Any infractions of the above rules or any range rules will result in the loss of shooting range privileges and possible expulsion from cvcc.

  • We want to provide safe ranges at all times!

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